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About Scanfoil ApS

Scanfoil ApS is agent for AMB Spa with import/sale of film for packaging of different kind of food.

Scanfoil ApS was founded in year 2003 of Steen Bruun Andersen who has been working in and with the business for more than 30 years.

Scanfoil ApS has high focus on the cooperation with the customers in order to find the most optimal solutions of packaging.

Scanfoil ApS takes for granted that focus is on the environment. As plastic is a necessary product in order to have durability for foods, Scanfoil takes as natural, that cooperation with the customers and by that also the endconsumer, is essential in order to find the best solutions that can give us the best possible and clean environment.

Scanfoil ApS are selling around 4.000 tons/year for plast packaging to customers within food production-/packaging. Among product you will find sliced meat or fish packed in MAP packages in order to give best possible shelf life time.

Scanfoil ApS keep in stock for the specific customer.

Scanfoil ApS has stock facilities in both Denmark and Germany and covers the countries Denmark, Sweden, Finland and part of Germany.

Scanfoil ApS mainly works, as agent, with AMB Spa, placed with 2 production facilities in the Northeast part of Italy, close to Udine and also close to the border of Austria. Amb Spa is producing close to 100.000 tons of PET/year and is one of the biggest producers of environmental plastic films (PET) of high quality.

Scanfoil ApS has “Elite Smiley” received and controlled by the Danish Autorythies.

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